GBS Fire Protection LTD – quelfire – Early Engagement in Firestopping

At GBS Fire Protection LTD, we recognize the significance of collaboration and our active involvement with all project stakeholders.

Our partnership with product manufacturers is paramount. Over the years, we have valued our collaboration with Quelfire, a pioneering force in advancing the industry.

We were honoured when Quelfire invited us to contribute to their whitepaper on “Early Engagement in Firestopping.” This topic is crucial for the success of any project.

The whitepaper covers the following topics:

How disasters can and have led to legislation changes;

What is Early Engagement and why is it important;

Who needs to be involved and at which RIBA stage;

Why competency of all parties is paramount;

What does the process of early engagement look like and how it can be standardised.

We urge everyone to download and read the paper through the provided link below:

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